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      WEDASys provides easy-to-use property management total solutions, on-site training and after-sales-services to hotels, motels, condominiums, vacation rental & boutique residence since 1991. WedaSys head quarter for China is located in Hong Kong SAR,     more »

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<Hotel Front Office Imformation Sys> 
    The tourist industry in the supply,clubs and other food and beverage industry for decades the history of the System, we experience the success of the hotel need to have a well-developed tools to effectively collect market information quickly. WEDASys to user needs for the former title, in collaboration with various departments, management and operation of and development trends and to achieve our long-standing goal - to provide fully functional, integrated hotel management System.
<Hot Spring,Spa,FootMassage Sys>
     WEDASys management System, including as a result of a broad horizontal software, powerful and stable System, the original code in a System based on the work of increasing the number of functional difficulties become shorter and the time required. Additions and changes each time the software, users are satisfied with the System can remain stable and accurate calculations. After System installation and the course of the two sides make joint efforts to solve the problem.
<Pos System>

WEDASys by past experience, fully understand the need to open up to the hotel the previous day's economic resources to the face of changing market conditions complicated. The company's employees in the service process for the hotel to take a serious attitude and enthusiastic in learning the real needs of hotel customers, the original code in the software based on the stability constant infusion of new elements.

 News & Events

   Guangdong Sangem International Hotel Management Ltd. spent more than a year to evaluate many popular hotel management software suppliers in the market and eventually select WEDASys® Hotel Management Software in ?2008 as its hotels uniform management software to aim at further standardization. At the end of the year, WEDASys® has success launched 3 major hotels for its Guangdong Sangem Group.
      WEDASys® and Derbysoft announce seamless interface compatibility between the companies' respective WedaSys PMS System and DHotelier NetCRS System, providing a global internet booking and Sales & Marketing solutions for hoteliers worldwide.

   Launched 27 units touch screen restaurant POS to WanGe seafood restaurant-NanHai,The biggest cantonese food court in GuangDong province. This restaurant has two buildings with 5,000 seats, consists of two super large kitchens, four beverage bars,seafood gallery. With the advantages of fully computerized in POS, finger print attendence control, stock management. WanGe has succeeded to the target of raising table turnover rate, excellent cost control performed good attendence record for 2,000 staffs.

   Teamed up with Jimei Hotels International Management Co., Ltd., to launched Jimei Premier Membership smart card System. Jimei Premier Card members can add-in and deduct value points from the card at Jimei's Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants and assigned places, which located at Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Philipines, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and two cruise lines. The card System is highly secure and tailor made to meet Jimei group's specific needs, ensuring high integrity and reliability for Jimie's members. Each transaction is registered in both of the smart card and the computer System for consolidation at Hong Kong Headquarter daily. All database will be used for further auditing, financial analysis and reconciliation. The card System archives Jimei Group's goal by combining their qualified management with standard of luxury and professional service.
   Launched sauna System to Victoria Sauna - the biggest sauna & SPA in HongKongm with total business area up to 200,000 sq. feet. It equips with cool & hot water pools, and provides luxury vip rooms for both male and female guests.



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